Erotic Massages That Will Drive Him Crazy

5 Erotic Massages That Will Drive Him Crazy

5 Erotic Massages That Will Drive Him Crazy

When we talk about massages no doubt we have several options but if you want to enjoy erotic massage then mostly people are not very much aware about those. Are you one of them who want to enjoy erotic massages? Especially if you are a girl and want to please your partner with some erotic massages and drive him crazy towards sex then this post will definitely help you a lot. Here we will discuss 5 such erotic massages which are very effective for your male partner.

1. Body To Body Massage

Body to body erotic massage which is also known as Nuru is one of the very effective massages if you want to seduce your male partner. In this massage you have to completely take off you’re as well as partner’s clothes and apply massage oil properly. Then the massage begins with rub his body with your body. No doubt this is a very seductive massage and some time it can leads to sexual intercourse also.

2. Penis Massage

This is a very common massage mostly male partner love to experience. The main motive of this massage is to stimulate the male partner’s penis with gentile massage. This massage normally includes prostate perineum and testicles. You can easily seduce your male partner with a good penis massage which is always pleasurable for a guy.

3. Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is always good and very satisfying for any guy. The main aim of this massage is to stimulate to man’s prostate. You can start doing external prostate massage slowly to your partner then you can perform the anus stretching for better stimulation of your partner’s genetic part.

4. Happy Ending Massage

Happy ending massage is always pleasurable as the main goal of this massage is to ejaculate your partner. Normally female partner stimulate the male partner’s penis in this massage. You can also say this massage as hand job and it can be perform for long time period if you manage everything properly.

5. Soapy Massage

Soapy massage is another great way to give erotic pleasure to your male partner. In this massage you and your partner need to be necked and you should rub the soap to your male partner’s body. You can also gentle massage to the private part of your partner with the help of the soap. This massage is always pleasurable and very seductive which can lead you towards an amazing sex session.

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