All Types Of Sex Style

All Types Of Sex Style

All Types Of Sex Style

Sex is always pleasurable but if you try different sex styles then you will definitely enjoy more. If you are one of them who is not aware of different sex styles then this post is only for you to give you better sexual enjoyment. Here we are going to discuss some of the best sex styles. So let’s get started.

1. Missionary

Missionary sex is a traditional sex style. In old days people only know about this sex style and never dare to go for any other kind of sex style. In this sex style normally you have to widening the legs of your partner, straddle your body and go for the mutual genital touching. No doubt this is a classy and amazing style in which you and your partner can connect in a better way physically.

2. Missionary Legs On Chest

If you love missionary then missionary legs on chest is another best style you can try to enhance your pleasure. This style is almost similar to classy missionary sex style but here you mutual genetic touching will occur by holding her legs against your chest. According to expert this sex style always gives an extra pleasure to your female partner as this style help you to touch her sweet genetic spot which offers better sensation and seduction.

3. Doggy Style

If you are in a great mood and try to experiment different sex style then Doggy style is highly recommended. This is a popular sex style which most of the people prefer to enjoy during sex. This is a sex style very popular in which you have to straighten your back and force forward direction.

4. Doggy Style Pillow Under Pelvis

Doggy style pillow under pelvis is another great sex style which can satisfy you a lot. This style always allows deeper penetration and also provide perfect angle to your genetic part to touch her G-spot for a better stimulation. If you need more sexual pleasure then no doubt this is one of the best sex styles you should try.

5. Woman On Top

If your partner wants some female friendly sex style then woman on top is always the best sex style ever. In this style female partner will ride your genetic part smoothly on you. Normally your female partner will get better hold with smooth and speed motion sexual pleasure during this sex style.

Sex is always pleasurable when you try it differently so never hesitate to try new positions and styles to experience better sexual relationship.

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