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Confession of A Client who Hired Ajmer Escort

I have been with several women in the past, but this one was a special night. Was it because I paid for it? Was it because the escort was extraordinary on bed? Well, I can stay that it has to be the latter one. I will not disclose her name, but she was one of the most striking women I have ever seen. She was educated and could hear me out all night. Ah! That night is still playing on my mind because the escorts blew my mind with her wits and skills.

Here is a quick confession of a client who hired Ajmer escorts. Yes, I did! I am proud of that because I spent my money on good sex and a meaningful conversation.

I remember how women are so fussy about giving a blow job but this one is a real star! She initiated it and showed me the stars in daylight. What else does a man want? I was dating a girl for 2 years and she would give me excuses of how it is disrespectful. Let me tell you that giving your partner pleasure is a given in the relationship. It did not work out for long because she could not satisfy me on bed.

Last week, I went to Ajmer with my friend and he introduced me to the world of escorts. Let me tell you that it has been the best experience so far. I was living in the States before this and I never realized that sex could be so fulfilling with a curvy Indian girl. Oh yes, she has the most beautiful curves.

So, I met her outside at a restaurant. I wanted it to feel like a real date. It is always cool to meet the date outside and make her feel special. She did! I did not want it to be awkward between us. Funnily, we talked for hours and could catch a drink together. Looks like that Ajmer call girls service did help us to have great sex later.

As soon as we entered my hotel room, I could see her wild side. It was not awkward and she was a professional. Yes, she went down on me and I returned the favor. We had sex in every position that we could think of. Let me tell you that she did ride me. Who taught her those skills? She is a PRO! Oh my God, I cannot stop thinking about the awesome sexy night I had in Ajmer. Well, I am going to opt for this service soon. I think I left my mind and body back there.

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