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Lucknow – the city of Nawabs, is one of the most likable cities of India. It is not only  known for its people but also for its tremendous treasure of historical monuments.  This beloved city has a prodigious history, and countless stories are associated with it.  Some say that Lucknow’s foundation was laid by Lord Ram’s younger brother  Laxman, while others claim something else. Anyway, today we know Lucknow as the  proud capital of Uttar Pradesh

Situated on the bank of the Gomti River, this metropolis was ruled by many  intruders, including the British & Mughal. These invaders took away pride & dignity,  but they also built some classic wonders. These architectural marvels are standing still  even today, becoming the reason for thousands of people visiting this nonpareil city  every day. Then there are must-visit places too which can’t be missed even if you are  only on a day-long trip to Lucknow. you can Also Hire escorts from lucknow escorts .

To get the best out of your day, you can follow the well-planned sequence we are  telling you about the places to go to enjoy them at their best times. It will also help  you save extra distance as the below locations are in a row – you can start the day  from one end and end at the other. So, are you ready? 

Let’s have a look at some exciting places in Lucknow.

Dilkusha Kothi 

A soothing piece of commendable architecture, constructed by Major Gore Ouseley in  the 18th century to serve as Nawabs’ hunting resort. Later, it became a picnic spot too  for the queens & monarchs. Located in the Cantonment area of Lucknow today near  the bank of Gomti – Dilkusha Kothi has beautiful serene gardens to welcome its  visitors and a structure to dive into the royal history

The reason for it being so popular among tourists is its architectural design of  baroque style. Dilkusha Kothi is one of the top places to visit on the list of every  tourist – and so it should be the perfect place for you to start your day with. 

Lucknow Zoo 

Lucknow Zoological Garden is a refined treat to animal & nature lovers. A colossal  land filled with immense fauna – over 463 mammals, 72 reptiles, & 298 birds, these  include carnivores, herbivores, primates, rodents, birds, aquatic animals, & nocturnal  animals. 

Resides in River Bank Colony, the zoo also has other attractions like Butterfly Park,  Toy Train, State Museum, Vintage Train, & Nature Interpretation Centre. These will  definitely bring out the kid inside you and help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest. The vivarium was instituted in 1921 to honor the visit of the Prince of Wales. It is just  3 km from Dilkusha Kothi, and that’s why it should be your second stop. 

British Residency 

British Residency is a very famous tourist destination of Lucknow. The fact that the  British East India Company’s heads & generals used to live here is what makes it  fascinating. With every place, there is a story associated with it. The history suggests  the British Residency also once became a refugee camp for English soldiers in 1857  when Indian soldiers & civilians revolted against them. However, we failed to win that  mutiny, but it triggered a fire of desire to get our land back. That war is well-known by  various names like the Indian Rebellion of 1857, The First War of Independence,  The Revolt of 1857, The Great Rebellion, etc. 

To appease your heart, you can see the graveyard near the residency where the  enemy fighters were buried.

Today, there are only remains of the building, and it is looked after by the  Archaeological Survey of India. Every evening, the authorities organize a light &  Musical show dedicated to the Revolt of 1857. 

The residency is only 5.8 km away from the zoo. 

Bara Imambara 

Lucknow’s most famous tourist destination Bara Imambara is widely known for its  marvelous Bhul Bhulaiya (labyrinth). Interestingly, the unusual maze has 1024 routes  to get up and just 2 to get down. Also recognized by its stepwell, Bara Imambara is a  constructional masterpiece that was built in 1784. However, this is a muslim-centric  place and is used for worship & to celebrate festivals by them. 

But you can try your luck in the maze – it solely depends on your choice. The distance  is around 3 kilometers from the previous destination. 

Once you are done with these four spots aligned in a row and still have some time and  energy left, it’s time to explore the other parts and places of the city. 

Dream World Amusement Park 

For relaxation & fun, Dream World is the best place to enjoy Lucknow’s local food.  Besides, you can play games, ride, slide, swim, & do other fun-filled activities here. It’s  around 12 kilometers from the last point. 

We don’t think you will be left with any time after visiting all these top tourist  destinations in Lucknow. But if somehow you have some time, or you skip any of the  above – you can still think about the below places to visit: 

▪ Gomti Riverfront Park 

▪ Ganga Aquarium 

▪ Ambedkar Memorial Park 

▪ Fun Republic Mall 

▪ Mankameshwar Mandir 

▪ Constantia House 

▪ Indira Gandhi Planetarium


All in all, you might run out of time, but this eminent city can never run out of tourist  destinations. Lucknow’s rich history, ethical values, and merry people have a special  place in our country. It offers the best holiday experience, even if it is a day-long  journey. 

So, if you are planning a trip to Lucknow, you now know what to do. Keep this well made trip plan and list down the places to visit

Have a happy journey!

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