Nightlife of Lucknow

Nightlife of Lucknow

What’s your definition of night life? Is it partying in a disco or getting drunk at a local bar? For us, it could mean a range of things. It could mean watching the stars, eating out at night, going for a drink and remembering old days at night and the list goes on. When we talk about the nightlife of Lucknow, a lot of eyebrows are raised due to a simple fact.

The Nawabo ka Sheher (City of Nawabs/Royalty) is known for good food, great culture and a beautiful night. You can expect tranquility, good food and hospitality in Lucknow. Nonetheless, if you are planning to visit the city, we are going to help you explore some options through this post.

Nightlife of Lucknow

The Concept of NIGHTLIFE in Lucknow

You will not find people going mad about drinking or partying till late in the night. The culture revolves around good food, rich history, great clothing and poetry. The city is gastronomically blessed and that’s probably the best part about the city. There is no need for getting intoxicated to have fun because the food does the magic.

Here are some places you must go to at night

1. A spooky affair

Visit the Residency which was burned down in the year 1857. Whoever wishes to have a spooky experience at night can visit this place to have a surreal experience.

2. Rumi Darwaza

Architectural Marvel The Rumi Darwaza stands tall in Lucknow. It is a beautiful landmark which shows the true culture of the Nawabs. It looks beautiful at night and is probably the highlight of the city. The darwaza lights up at night and looks extraordinarily beautiful.

3. Prakash Kulfi

The city is known for its exquisite sweets. The royalty has a sweet tooth and that’s precisely why you need to try the rich kulfi from Prakash Kulfi. It is a favorite among locals and tourists. You must grab a kulfi from this shop before you end the day.

4. Spice Caves

Looking for a night club anyway? Well, head to Spice Caves which has a cave-like ambience. The live events will be interesting for the travelers and the bar is open till late. It is located in Gomti Nagar.

5. 5CR Lounge

It is located in Phoenix United Mall. It plays the finest electronic dance music which is foot-tapping! Additionally, they offer an excellent range of drinks. Order some Nawabi cuisine which goes with your drinks.

6. Skybar

If you are a fan of good views and music, head to Skybar. This is located in Gomti Nagar and is known for its ambience. Dine under the stars and catch a drink with your loved one. The bar does have an interesting menu and you can expect good food.

Words from the Wise

You will never have a bad meal in Lucknow. We hope that this list helped you in some way to have a gala time in the city. While you are there, don’t forget to eat like a Nawab! Forget the diet and catch a drink with some special kebabs because Lucknow is all about good food, great company and ghazals would set the mood for the night!

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