Sex Is The Most Effective Remedy

Sex Is The Most Effective Remedy

Sex Is The Most Effective Remedy

No doubt everyone love to do sex but people have misconception that sex can put bad impact on human body. Though somehow they are right as we know excess in anything always put negative impact! But do you know sex can be the most effective remedy for several health issues? If you are not aware of it then you are at the perfect place. Here we are going to give you some amazing examples with some details knowledge so let’s get started without wasting time.

Sex Reduces Anxiety And Depression

If you are suffering from stress anxiety or depression then here is good news for you! Research says that sex literally helps a lot to lessen depression and stress. Though it will not able to fully cure it still it can help to generate feel-good hormones and chemical which helps a lot to refresh your mind and boost your mood in a positive manner. Mood booster chemicals like dopamine endorphins and oxytocin during sex always help a lot to create good bonding with your partner.

Sex Is A Good Exercise

Though we can’t consider as a full work out but it’s definitely a light exercise which has several benefits to human body. Its not boring like walking on treadmill and weight lifting still research says during 25 minutes romp a man can burn almost 100 calories and women burn around 69 which is a great thing. It’s very less as compare to full work out still if you are involving in some kind of physical activity as well as mental refreshment which is always beneficial for your health.

Sex Offers A Better Sleep

We all know the importance of proper sleep for a healthy life. If you are sleeping less then definitely it will put bad impact on your body. You body need complete rest for certain time period and that’s only possible during sleep. If you are facing any kind of sleeping issue then just try to have a good sex with your partner before bedtime. The good hormones during sex will always help you to feel more relax. If you are orgasm during sex then the good hormone prolactin will help you to provide even better sleep for sure.

Overall, you can say sex is most effective remedy for lessen sleep issue, depression anxiety and stress also works as a light exercise.

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