Sex is legit and having sexual desires is common. God has built are bodies in such a way that we need to release to feel good. Of course companionship matters and that’s precisely why a human being is a social being. When your nights get lonely, you need a companion to get you through the night. A hooker seems like a great idea, but we would not suggest you to pick a street hooker in India. Why is that so? Are we being too racist or judgmental?

Here’s a quick post to give you some valid reasons as to why you need to rise above street hookers and opt for a proper escort agency. Are you ready to hear this? It will not be too harsh – we promise!

Top Reasons for NOT hiring a Street Hooker

1. Sexually Transmitted Diseases is a serious threat

We understand that your body has sexual needs but that does not mean that you pick up a random woman from the road. She may have sexy curves and the skimpiest clothing on her body but she might be carrying a disease in her body. A hooker sleeps with many men and it is possible that she is infected. This is not to disrespect any woman, but hygiene and health is most important.

2. No Track Record of the Lady

We are referring to her as a lady because we give utmost respect to a woman. She chooses the profession and that’s certainly fine by US! The problem with hiring a street hooker is that there is no track record of where the woman comes from. You are picking her up from the road and there is no information regarding her health status, criminal record and it is possible that she is a drug addict.

3. For YOUR safety

When you go to an agency and hire an escort, there are no risks because they give you a guarantee of sending a healthy and good woman. When you pick up a street hooker, you are probably inviting danger to your hotel room or home. What if she poisons you and takes all your money? She could even stab you or steal all your belongings. There is no safety and the thought of a possible crime should be a warning sign for you.

4. You may have to pay a HIGHER price

When you pick a street hooker, it is possible that she may charge a fortune for selling her body. She sets the rate and probably does not deliver what she claimed that she would offer. Here’s the thing: when you hire services of an escort agency, they are in the business and will charge an amount which is suitable for you both. Satisfaction is guaranteed and the agency ensures that you get what you pay for!

Words from the Wise

Why would you want to pick any street hooker at all? If you want to do it the right way and get pleasure out of it, go to an agency and get the action. There is no need for picking up a random woman because that is unsafe in a number of ways.

Choose wisely!

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